Description blueberry

The blueberry is the only one with the cranberry berry native to Canada, hais presence there for at least 13, 000 years. The Indians ate the year-round fresh or dried. In folk medicine, he had the reputation of providing a good view and it recommended the blueberry syrup to fight against coughs. Today, there are countless benefits of this berry for health.

Blueberries belong to the heath family like azaleas and rhododendrons which like acidic soil moist. The Wild Blueberry Vaccinium augustifolium (lowbush blueberry) delights in the undergrowth or on recently cleared land, the fruits are formed on branches of two years, so we must burn the plants at the same rate to produce new shoots. Is harvested with a sort of “comb”, which requires selecting equipment.

Wild blueberries are harvested mainly in the Lac St-Jean, Abitibi, on the North Shore, in the Maritime provinces and some states of New England, 98% of the crop is destined for processing (juice, yogurt, pastries ).